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Bowl Buddy FAQ

What is a Bowl Buddy?

Designed for hot foods, cold ice cream, or just adding style to a plain bowl. Safe to use in microwave.

Is my Bowl Buddy washable?

Bowl Buddy/Buddies can be machine washed with like colors and materials.  Stains may require pre-treatment before washing.  For best results, reshape and allow to air dry.

Products made in a clean environment?

All Rough and Ready Fabrics products are crafted in a pet-friendly, non-smoking home.

What materials make a Bowl Buddy?

The Bowl Buddy is made of two layers of 100% cotton fabric and cotton batting. All fabrics (except batting) have been pre-washed and pressed before construction to create these unique gifts.

Is my Bowl Buddy safe to use in the microwave?

Bowl buddies have been tested in an 1100 watt microwave for up to 4 minutes on high.  Bowl Buddy is designed for heating and re-heating.  Cooking is not recommended.  Microwave should not be left unattended while heating.

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